Simple Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinvideodown is considered the best platform where 200 million people can collect images and others will get inspiration from them. Also, customers might have pinboards for places they would like to visit. Some of them are related to business aspects while most of them are concerned with your personal interest.  Pinterest is a great opportunity for many brands as it can be a portal for brands, content products, and even services. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to interact with people to get an idea of what people care about instead of what they care about. In this article, we have to find out the ways how to download from Pinterest and check about the videos whether can you download from Pinterest.

Steps to download videos from Pinterest:

Some of the useful steps are mentioned below let’s see:

Step 1:

Open the post on Pinterest:

When you are going to open a video post on Pinterest, the first thing you will do is that you have to select the icon as you can see the arrow that is available at the bottom of your screen. After that you have to select the option of copy link then this will help you out to copy that link to the post where you will proceed to the next steps.

Step 2:

Visit the Pin video downloader:

To get the information about that how do you  download from Pinterest visit the PinVideoDown in your browser website and then paste that link into that bar. 

Step 3:

Select and hold the file button of downloaded video:

Once downloading process is completed, you need to select and hold the button for downloading the video file.

Step 4:

After the completion of step 3 you will see your video automatically save your video file to folders of  downloads in your file apps.

Step 5:

After that you will see your video is then saved in your folder you can see that video any time you want to see. 


  • Amazingly, it’s work well on all kinds of browser.
  • Amazingly, it’s work well on all kinds of browser.
  • You don’t need a third party app.
  • No fee or registration required.
  • Perform better with different things.
  • Interface is friendly for beginners also.


  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • It requires penalization for accounts like Google. 
  • PinVideoDown is confined to a few audiences and niches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If we want to know or can we download from Pinterest our desired videos so the answer is  yes, we can download videos from Pinterest on all types of browsers.

The easiest and simplest way is that you can go to Pinterest and then copy the link and then wait for the video to download.

yes, we can save videos on camera roll by following some steps let’s see:

  • You need to install the Pingrab App. 
  • Then visit the Pinterest app and find video on Pinterest then go to the profile page or feed.
  • Tap on the icon of share.
  • Paste the selected link.

Then you need to paste a Pinterest video link from your PC.

  • Then save the video to the camera roll.

The best way to download a pin from Pinterest is that you simply need to click on the icon of ellipsis at the right side of the bottom image and then select download image from the menu. You will see this video will be saved in the gallery folder of your device.


From the all above discussion, we concluded that Pinterest is the best platform through which you can easily download your desired videos. And with the help of this article you can find the different steps  that you can download from PinVideoDown. Additionally, it will also help you to find the most appropriate or simplest method through which you can easily download and save your videos.

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