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For sharing and following your preferred content categories, Pinterest is the best choice. This site is also quite helpful for marketing your items or content, but the issue is they do not allow downloading pics and videos. Fortunately, we have a solution, as you can download videos from Pinterest using PinVideoDown. Due to Pinterest’s success, more websites and apps are comparable to it. For photographers, designers, foodies, and others, other free platforms resemble Pinterest. So there are a few good options if you’re seeking a Pinterest-like experience in a specific genre. The top 12 Pinterest-like websites and applications to use are listed below.


Pinterest makes it challenging to come up with original creative ideas with its wide variety of content, from fashion to food photography. However, Notcot has been there to close this gap and introduce you to a world of other people’s original thoughts and works of art. There isn’t even an account creation process; instead, you can browse this outmoded website to locate something beautiful and unique.


Designspiration is a website for designers similar to Pinterest. This is the website to follow if you enjoy digital art, photography, website design, book covers, or other related stuff. It has a navigable and attractive card-style presentation that is inspired by Pinterest. You have a pin button that allows you to bookmark posts you like, similar to Pinterest. You can like, share, comment on, and do many other things with postings. It categorizes the bases so you can quickly browse the ones you’re interested in. Art, posters, architecture, handwriting, photography, and more categories are one of them.


The mix is a personalized discovery site for finding fun and fascinating items, similar to Pinterest. You may discover everything here, from philosophical ideas to artistic creations. Thanks to the site’s handpicked postings, you won’t waste time sorting through irrelevant messages to uncover the pearls. Execute it automatically. You have the option to search the entire catalog or just specific categories. You don’t only get your photos here, which sets it apart from other websites like Pinterest.


Users of Hometalk are encouraged to remodel and decorate their homes. Check out Hometalk if you’re seeking a Pinterest-like app for adults. Since you are the homeowner, what better way to feel more mature than to decorate your home? Try Hometalk; it’s worth it.


You will probably enjoy Fancy if you enjoy purchasing interesting, distinctive goods. As the name implies, Fancy offers a handpicked selection of various fancy things in a style like Pinterest. There are a considerable amount of fantastic items that are divided into categories like technology, house, art, apparel, etc. The good news is that you may easily purchase any of the items directly from Fancy without visiting a different website. Aside from being an e-commerce site, Fancy also offers all the popular things from Pinterest in a friendly manner. 


You’re likely to get hungry after visiting FoodGawker, a website that matches Pinterest. The website offers many lovely images of various foods and recipes from a wide range of people. Every piece of information has already been divided into menu categories.


Using the Pearls & Trees concept rather than the Board & Pin concept, PearlTrees is quite similar to Pinterest. It enables you to discover and distribute a variety of materials. Similar “trees” appear when you start sharing content on any platform. There are various trees to climb and add priceless pearls. The old user interface of PearlTrees, while functional, is one of the issues we have with it. Other than that, PearlTrees is a more practical alternative for Pinterest.


Juxtapost is likely the most competitive platform among all sites, similar to Pinterest. This is the biggest platform, and it and Pinterest have all the same features. You can create categories, share them with particular individuals, work together on types, and do other actions like on Pinterest. The following Juxtapost features are unavailable on Pinterest:

You can view posts comparable to the one you currently view by clicking the unique “More Like This” link. Without leaving the current page, you can do this.


Piccsy’s is similar to Pinterest. The same is true when looking for imaginative, motivating, and stunning works of art. Due to its user base’s remarkable taste in high-quality material, Piccsy is commonly quoted as having a positive reputation in the content base websites area. On Piccsy, you may obtain creative ideas without even creating an account. 


To give men on websites like Logos Pinterest a little more option, Gentlemint entered the list. This website’s fun feature is that the Like, Love, and Pin buttons have been replaced with a mustache. In the Gentlemint group, traditional humor is combined with a manlier look. If you’re seeking another creative outlet like Pinterest, this is your chance because the target audience is well-liked by guys.


Dribbble is a website that unites artists from many fields, such as illustrators, graphic designers, and all varieties of Pinterest artists. Regardless of your background in design, Dribbble is a fantastic platform for sharing your work with other artists. Your work will be featured here and judged by an incredible audience if you believe it is worthwhile to share. You can search for designers by talent or region, or you can filter the content by project, color, and tags.

We Heart It

We Heart It is the grandchild of Pinterest and Tumblr, and not always in the wrong way if we were to sum it up in one word. Users may be themselves on We Heart It and submit whatever they choose, including cat images, dramatic quotations, gorgeous clothing, scenery, food, and more.


Pinterest is one of our top choices for creating creative digital material, even while it may not be as distinctive as Facebook, TikTok, or other content-rich platforms. Your source of inspiration, not the medium, is what matters most. These Pinterest alternatives are entertaining and fresh, but Pinterest itself never gets old. You can download videos from Pinterest using PinVideoDown. You can expand your sources of inspiration to other of his websites and come up with fresh, original ideas for brand-new platforms and websites.

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